Every mom knows ... life is complicated.


We wash clothes.  We read stories.  We make dinner.  We kiss boo-boos.  We mop floors.  We answer our friend's crisis phone calls.  We work.  We drive children to classes and sports and choir and ... well, everywhere.

And sometimes? We forget how important all the things we do really are.




We believe life is beautiful.

This place exists to remind you, to encourage you, and to help you bring beauty to your own home.

After all, home is where our stories begin.






We Gather Together.

We know life is more beautiful when we don't go it all alone.  So we're gathering as a group this winter, with the goal of planning gatherings where you can join us and we can all get away together to share ideas and inspiration, to have time to listen to one another and ourselves and God, to plan ways to add more beauty to our lives.  We'll let you know when we've planned our first public event, and hope you'll join us!



We Make Beautiful Things.