Those Days...

 We have a long running joke in our family. “What? These kids want to eat again? I just fed them yesterday!” It never fails, between a full grown man, three growing boys and one active cheerleader, someone always thinks they are near starvation. My guys are not only bottomless pits, they are rather scheduled on how often they want to eat. A few minutes past noon and my oldest is already questioning if it is ‘fend for yourself’ day. I feel like I spend quite a large portion of my time in the kitchen preparing, cooking, and cleaning up.

  Not exactly how I planned this whole motherhood deal to go down.

 Recently I had one of those days. You know about ‘those’ days, right? The days when you are just over and done. No one appreciates all your work and you are just finished trying so hard when no one cares. Those days. Honestly I was just phoning it in at that point. Looking around I found the easiest things to cook which included that blue box of mac’n’cheese.

 Everyone made their plates and headed to the den. ( I don’t know why they were eating there, it certainly had nothing to do with the huge pile of clean laundry strewn across the dining room table.) I started fixing my plate when my six year old came running back into the kitchen. He almost tackled me in his excitement to give me one of those big bear hugs that happen less often as they all get older. “Thank you Mama!! You made my favorite mac’n’cheese!” I stood there speechless as he ran back to the den.

 Listen Y’all, I was brought to my knees by a box of noodles and powdered cheese. I’m going to be brutally honest here. How often are we going to get the SuperMom title for something so simple? Not often and it gets harder the older they get. My baby was sure I had made this wondrous thing as a special treat just for him.

Just for him.

Just for Him.


Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

Other translations offer this as

work heartily

work with your whole being

work from your soul

do it enthusiastically


 I need to remember how to find the joy in the day to day. This motherhood deal includes quite a bit of the day to day grind that wears down on me when I’m not looking. I think it is a continual process, at least for me. Some days I rock at doing things wholeheartedly. Other days, well lets just keep in mind that I’m a work in progress. My prayer for you is that you are able to find the sweetness and joy in the day to day. Don’t let it wear you down Mama!

With much laughter and love,