Finding Time With God

Lately I've found podcasts a wonderful way to at least listen in on some adult conversation--even if I'm alone on a walk or cleaning the kitchen!  A while ago, I was listening to a discussion when the hostess asked her guest about having a quiet time with the Lord in the midst of life with little ones.  "It's so busy for us as moms, how did you manage to find that time, yourself?"

Her answer was well-spoken and articulate, but I had to laugh a bit.  Lots of us struggle with finding time, it seems.  But really? There's no answer to this question that gets to the point quite like the Nike slogan:

Just Do It.

Being a mom is hard.  It's exhausting, and you pour your heart into it, often with little visible response or result.  Finding time to spend with God can feel like one more to-do to add to your list, can't it?

Here's what you need to know:  That's a big, fat, lie from the pit.

Please, lean in and let me whisper the truth in your ear:  Time alone with God is the key to every other blessed thing on your list, because it's the key to YOU.

You were made to draw your breath, your life, your strength from the Creator of the Universe.  Trying to do the breakfastandthecarpoolandthelaundryandthemoppingandjustbeingniceforheavenssake

without taking time to breathe in the very breath of God is, honestly, insanity.

So when it comes to "how do I find time with God?" I repeat: the only good answer is:

Just Do It.

Set the alarm ten minutes earlier, or ask God to wake you up.  Or stay up ten more minutes than usual.  Or take ten minutes during the kids' naptime.  I know, ten minutes isn't much and you know it should be more, but let's just start somewhere, k? Ten minutes is better than zero, and morning might be better than evening but evening is better than never.

Some ladies have expressed that they just don't know *what* to do in order to have a quiet time.  Here's my version of time with Jesus for dummies (and couldn't we all put ourselves in that category sometimes?!)  Pour yourself something warm, wrap yourself up in a comfortable blanket, light a candle if you can find one.  Sit down with your Bible and a notebook and open it to Psalms, or the book of John, or maybe Ephesians.  Ask God to speak to you as you read.  And then, just do it-- read a chapter.  Read its l o w l y.

What stands out to you? Write it down.

What do you not understand? Write it down.

Is something written there that you feel God is saying right to your heart?  Something He is asking you to do?  Write it down.

Sip warm beverage.

If you have more time, repeat.

I promise, time taken to breathe in the life of God will do more for your soul than any other discipline you could put in place.  May you be blessed as you seek Him!


What helps you spend time with God?

Love, Misty

misty krasawski

Misty Krasawski is hopelessly flawed but eternally optimistic, because God has promised to be the Author and Finisher of her faith! She is also wife to Rob, mama to eight precious children and two beautiful daughters-in-law, and spends all her free time trying to avoid the laundry by reading classic books, painting with watercolors, lighting too many candles, baking copious amounts of cookies, and studying as much theology as she can lay her hands on. She's currently pursuing a degree through Colorado Christian University and is a regular contributor to both The Better Mom and For the Family, and also occasionally pours her heart out at and the brand-new She loves encouraging people to chase the dreams God has placed in their hearts, preferably over steaming cups of tea and coffee and probably something chocolate.