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misty krasawski

Misty Krasawski is the hopelessly flawed, eternally grateful mama of ten (including two daughters-in-law), Marmee to three, and wife to one. She is thrilled to be currently homeschooling half of their still-at-home children in the small town of Franklin, Tennessee, where she loves to spend her endless amounts of free time (ahem) baking, studying theology, reading to her children, drinking strong tea, tending her garden, reading great books, planning her next travel adventure, and writing. She finds herself most often buried in words somewhere on Sally Clarkson’s blog and podcast as well as sundry new book projects. A lover of Jesus since a wee tyke, she hopes she is becoming a little more like Him every day. Also, she is eternally grateful to Lisa Pennington for this lovely photo and her apparently phenomenal editing skills.

She would love to speak to your group about topics of faith, motherhood, homeschooling, etc. Please feel free to send inquiries to misty@wholeheart.org, where she will promises to reply in first person.


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SkyDiving for Parents

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